About SolarEnergyFacts.com

Solar Energy Facts was established in late 2010 to provide web searchers with a new, reliable, and objective source of information about solar energy for the home.

We believe that the following are true:

#1. Solar Energy is growing in importance.

The market is expanding, and more homeowners are being turned on to the financial and environmental benefits of going solar.

#2. Good facts about solar energy are hard to find.

If you’re looking for good information outside of Wikipedia, good luck. The internet (Google) is currently at capacity with solar installation companies and affiliate marketers who want to sell you a product.

#3. Misinformation causes mistrust and hurts the solar energy industry.

We need better sources of information online, and we can’t trust search engines to give us the best content.

#4. Most people aren’t going solar because they don’t know anything about it.

The challenge for the industry is to educate homeowners across the United States.