Fun Facts about Solar Energy

Here are some pretty fun facts about solar energy:

#1 Using Solar and Living off the land –

If you wanted to live entirely off the land, it would take about 89,050 square feet. Of that space, 375 square feet would be required for solar energy production to cover the  electrical needs of the average home.

#2 The US military and Solar Energy

$83,000 – that’s the amount that one Air Force base in Nevada saves per month after installing a solar energy array on site.

#3 Largest solar array

The worlds largest solar energy plant (at the time of this writing) is actually in Canada, at 80 MW.

#4 Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuel Subsidies

While you’ve paid $521.73 for fossil fuel subsidies as a US taxpayer over the last 5 years, you’ve only paid $7.24 for solar energy subsidies.

#5 Who’s big on solar energy?

While the US has 3,900% more sun than Germany, the smaller European country has 6,000% more solar.

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