Massachusetts Solar: It’s real good.

In Mass, you can go solar for $0 down. With a solar array you’ll also produce lucrative Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECS, which basically pay you a bonus each month just for going solar. You’ll also have access to Net-metering, which means your utility pays you for an extra energy you produce. Oh, yeah, you’re also eligible for state and federal rebates! Whew!

In Massachusetts we’ve also seen one of the best base prices ever for going solar. You can get quotes from local solar installers by using the free solar installation information request form. It’s free, all you have to do is sign up.

Going Solar in Massachussetts is a Financial No-Brainer

Taking into account all of the incentives listed above and the average solar array in Mass will pay itself off in only 5 years! That means that everything you save after that goes back into your pocket. With an average energy savings of $74 / month, plus about an average of $166 per month paid back to you buy your utility for credits, and your profit over the next 20 years will be about $50,000.

Massachusetts Solar Rebates and Incentives

  1. SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) – every system over 5kW is eligible, and will generate about 5 SRECs per year. At this moment, 1 SREC is trading for about $550 on the open market (there is some fluctuation in price but Massachusetts has established a price floor). SRECs are guaranteed for 10 years by your utility.
  2. Net-Metering – Get paid for the extra energy you produce. Different utilities usually have different rates, so you’ll want to see this on your solar installation quote for more detail.
  3. MA Solar Personal Tax Credit – You can write off up to $1000 of your taxes for installing solar in Massachusetts.
  4. Massachusetts State Solar Rebate – It’s a little complicated, but the good news is that it means more off your system. You can find more information on the state commonwealth site.
  5. Federal Solar Tax Credit – Everyone’s eligible, and it’s a tax writeoff of 30% of the value of your system, up to a cap of course. Only problem is you won’t see this money until next tax season.

At the end of the day, Massachusetts is another great place to go solar. Don’t wait –you’ll only lose savings that way–check out the Massachusetts solar pricing today.