New Home Appraisal Tool Evaluates Solar Home Value

What is the value of a home with solar panels?

Based on the frequency that American’s change homes, this is an important question. If you put down the cash to buy a home solar system, will you get that money back if or when you decide sell the house?

Fortunately, Sandia National Laboratories has developed a new tool for solar home appraisal. The “PV Value” or Photovoltaic Energy Valuation Model is designed for use by home appraisers, realtors, creditors, property assessors, and claims adjustors, to assist in the valuation of a residential or commercial building that has solar panels.

In reality, it’s nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet that’s tied to real-time market information. The model uses precise local information to determine how much energy the solar array will produce, as well as crunching operating and¬†maintenance¬†expenses.

While you probably won’t be needing this, it could come in handy for a professional who’s evaluating the value of your home solar array.

For more, visit Sandia Lab’s website (linked above), or our post on Solar Home Value.