The State of New Jersey has numerous options for Clean Energy

First off, if you’re looking for a solar installer in New Jersey, click here to see what’s available.

Everything else you might want to know about clean energy in New Jersey can be found on the NJ OCE website, found here: New Jersey Clean Energy Program. Here’s a synopsis:

If you’re on this website, you’re probably looking for renewable energy technology to provide your home with clean energy. Don’t forget that the real path to sustainability is a three-part approach:

  1. Reduce Consumption.
  2. Increase Efficiency of what’s being consumed.
  3. Implement Clean Energy substitutes.

#1 Reduce Energy Consumption

This means that before jumping on the solar power bandwagon you should consider ways to reduce consumption. It’s  probably the most difficult of the three steps since you can’t just go to Target and buy a lower-impact lifestyle. But let’s be clear: reducing consumption isn’t about returning to 3rd world standards, and it’s amazing how many people think so. What we’re really talking about here is becoming aware of the really wasteful habits that make Americans far and away the biggest consumers on the planet.

If you leave the lights on when the house is empty, if you still aren’t using compact fluorescent bulbs, if you’re driving a Hummer, watering your lawn at high noon, etc, this is something to contemplate. Most of us have easy steps we can take to reduce consumption right now, but it’s going to take some hard, objective analysis. We’ll leave it at that.

#2 Increase Energy Efficiency

Once you’ve cut out as much of the consumption as possible, it’s time to increase the efficiency of what you have. Most of us are familiar with the Energy Star program, which probably makes you think about energy efficient refrigerators and computers, but it also encompasses things like home energy efficiency audits.

Replacing old appliances is great, but most of your energy usage is probably coming from a drafty house. The folks who evaluate your house will probably have a whole slew of ideas about what to do and replace, in order of priority, so it makes sense to do this first.

 #3 Implement Clean Energy Substitutes

For the best information and cost estimate for New Jersey Clean Energy, talk to a local solar installer.

Only after steps #1 and #2 does it really make sense to go for a clean energy upgrade, and this probably means going solar. Remember that the less energy you consume to start out with, the smaller and less expensive the solar power system will be that you’ll have to install. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to install 500 panels to power 2 jacuzzis and 5 flat panel TVs, but hey, that’s your call.

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