Solar Energy Jobs

Solar Energy Jobs -What kinds are Available?

The fast evolving renewable energy sector offers a myriad of job opportunities for beginners and experienced professionals alike. The entire process of solar energy generation, distribution and application employs hundreds of people for each of the steps.

Solar Power Process Engineering

Engineers use the theories of mathematics and science to evolve economically feasible solutions for technical difficulties. Material engineers develop use of alternative products while process engineers formulate processes for efficient solar energy generation. Chemical engineers improve upon the chemicals used. While electrical engineers concern themselves with the circuitry and wiring, mechanical engineers are the brains behind the solar energy tools, equipment and manufacture of solar panels. Even software engineers find use of their skills in programming the distribution network and developing forecasting programs.

Solar Energy Manufacturing

Photovoltaic solar power generation requires a number of professionals to complete the job. Semiconductor process workers are much demand as they personally oversee the making of the photovoltaic cells. Aiding them are the machine tool operators whose job is to operate the different machines involved in the process and the skilled labourers who cut, weld, forge and solder the different components of a solar cell. Apart from them, numerous other workers are required for coating, painting, glazing and electrical and electronic tools and equipment installers.

Solar Power Plant Development

Setting up a solar power plant demand a high amount of specialized skill combined with regular labor. Civil engineers and construction engineers design, construct, erect and supervise the power plant components. Specially-skilled workers install the solar panels after they are manufactured in the workshop. An array of maintenance engineers, electricians, repairmen and plant managers find work opportunities at solar power plants. In addition to this, a huge number of plant operators are needed to run a solar power plant.

Solar Panel Installation

Installation of photovoltaic cells and solar panels is done by special workers as it requires an amount of skill. Good knowledge of electrical circuitry, basic mathematics and engineering sense is required for this.

Solar Power Research

The field of research welcomes physicists, chemists, material scientists with open hands to improve and develop upon existing solar technology. Presently, the field of renewable energy is one of the most sought after area for research.