Solar Farm Not Wisest Alternative

A proposed plan to cover a significant area of farmland with solar panels has caused the local residents of Bedminster and neighboring Bridgewater Township to organize a very vocal campaign of opposition.

KDC Solar is planning on installing in the region of 45,000 solar panels which will stretch across the previously privately owned Kirby Farm. This farmland is 52 acres and situated in the townships residential area.

Local residents in opposition of the planned proposals are claiming the solar farm will be an eyesore to the surrounding rural beauty, and if this first project is given the green light to go ahead, it might well set a president for projects of a similar nature to appear in the local communities.

Even though the opposition group fully supports the concept of promoting renewable energy sources for the prosperity of the planet, they believe that there would be much better locations for a solar farm of this size.

In an effort to stop the proposed solar array on the farmland many of the local residents have signed a petition confirming their objection, while also stating they would prefer the project is constructed at an alternative location.

With most scientists agreeing that the dependence on fossil fuels has continued for too long, it is crucial that the United States is able to rely more on its own natural resources in order to generate its energy needs.

Since the hearing for the approval for this solar farm is not yet been scheduled, it is believed that this application process is likely to take many months to conclude.