Where can I find Solar Panel Reviews?

When you want to install solar panels at your home or business, the first questions is going to be ‘which solar panels should I buy’. Fortunately, this issue is usually dealt with by the solar installer, who generally carries a few brands of high-quality panels (for more tech details, learn about the different types of solar panels).

Doing your own panel reviews can be difficult. Online, mixed product review and ambiguous user feedback don’t help much.

Some some places where you can find good solar panel reviews:

  • A buyer’s Guide to Solar Panels: This document guides through a great deal of information. It gives you an overview of the technical aspects of a solar PV cell to be considered while buying, as well as a review of performance and energy efficiency (for more see solar panel efficiency). A brand wise comparison of input voltage, output power, efficiency, cost, warranty and rating and consumer feedback is also given here in a tabulated format.
  • Solar Panel Comparative Review: Visit this website to see a comparative review of leading solar panel makers. Based on power rating, efficiency and size and cost the solar panels form different manufacturers have been reviewed to provide a good idea about the solar panel market. The real cost per watt has also been compared for practical reasons.

Remember, your local solar installer should also be able to give you a great deal of information about solar panel types and what you might want to buy.

You also might want to look into high efficiency solar panels, depending on your budget and available roof space.