Solar Energy subsidized like Fossil Fuels

If residential solar energy received the same subsidies as fossil fuels it would be immediately competitive in every part of the United States.

What if solar got the same subsidies as fossil fuels?

Total fossil fuel subsidies: $72 billion

Portion of these subbsidies you are responsible for-

Amount you’ve paid toward fossil fuel subsidies as a taxpayer over 5 years: $521.73
Amount you’ve paid towards solar energy subsidies: $7.24

Places where solar energy is cheaper than grid power-

Today, with curren solar subsidies – 14% of the US
If solar got the same money as fossil fuels – 100%

Don’t think it’s possible? Consider Germany-

The United States as 3,900% more sun than Germany, but Germany has 6,000% more solar energy. Why, because Germany has killer solar subsidies and thus a solar industry that dominates ours.

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