How to Navigate Los Angeles Solar

The Los Angeles area is a hot-bed for residential solar installation, and for good reason. But how are you supposed to find a good local solar installer when every mom and pop shop wants a piece of the action?

Well, let’s break it down.

#1 Establish Baseline Los Angeles Solar Costs

The easiest way to figure out the cost of solar panels in your area, including appropriate tax incentives and rebates, is to get a free cost estimate from a local installer. One way to make this easy is to sit back and let solar installers come to you by using the sign-up form on SolarEnergyFacts. It only takes 60 seconds and you’ll have a bunch of options to consider very quickly.

There will be some work involved in evaluating different proposals. Just remember that it’s your investment and your home, so do your homework.

#3 Troll the Neighborhood for Solar Installations

As usual, you’re going to find some of the best information by asking friends and neighbors who have had solar panels installed. Many companies will leave a sign in the yard with contact information. Call them up, talk to your friends, and get some idea of the big names in the industry.

You can also try doing some research on Google, but to be honest it’s a bit of a nightmare of spam, advertisements, and bogus information. Trust us, we’ve looked.

The best single source of information we can point you to is going to be the Go Solar California website. There you can find a ton of information about solar power as well as look up a local Los Angeles solar installer.

This should be enough information about Solar in Los Angeles to get you started. Good luck!