The sun is setting on these Solar Energy myths.

The sun is setting on these Solar Energy myths.

(Image credit: @sage_solar at flickr under a creative commons license.)

Are you falling for one of the most common solar energy fact-traps?  Fear not, we’re here to clear thing up:

1. “It’s gotta be really sunny and hot, man!”

Patently false.  Solar panels continue to work in completely overcast conditions, and actually work better under cool conditions.  Skeptics, look no further Germany (a cold-damp-grey trifecta), or outstandingly average New Jersey, where dollars-saved-per-installation is off the charts.

2. “No South-Facing Roof?  No go.”

Photovoltaic panels work wonderfully well on east-west facing roofs.  Follow the rules for a solid installation and you’ll render this one irrelevant.

3. “My solar installation will make my property tax skyrocket!”

Unlike your neighbor’s brand new pool or that second-floor overhaul, solar installations in many states are property-tax exempt.  Grab an easy quote to see if your home qualifies.

4. “This is small-time stuff.  China’s all about coal, remember?”

2012: 104 billion Kilowatt Hours, enough to power 1.2 million energy-guzzling U.S. homes.  2013: More solar deployed than the U.S.’s entire capacity.  China is subsidizing their way into the global solar market in a big way (not without a few pitfalls).